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SEGA Success stories

Hear from the team

We are proud of what we have achieved at SEGA and are fortunate to have such a talented and dedicated team. Hear from our amazing people and their experiences of working the SEGA way.

Natalie Cooke, Head of Operations

‘’Having been part of the SEGA family for over 10 years, I am still proud to work here! The company has grown so much in that time and both professionally and personally, I’ve experienced some great opportunities and have many fond memories. Long may that continue!’’

Anh Luong, Senior Business Manager

“Having been in the games industry for over ten years now and I can say that joining SEGA has been the highlight so far. SEGA is a company that promotes innovation and development - empowering staff to challenge, change and improve the business. SEGA has provided me with opportunities to grow, encouraging myself and other individuals to set and achieve personal goals. It is an absolute pleasure working within a company with likeminded people who share the same values, passion and drive to succeed! “

Bobby Wertheim, Publishing Manager

“It is a real honour to work in a global organisation that has the brand recognition and content offering that SEGA has. From my very first day of working here the welcoming atmosphere was evident. I instantly felt a more human approach than you might expect with global corporations. There are good, open lines of communication and respect between the various parts of the business (which helps when you work cross territory!). We are a tight-knit group and we all pull together to achieve our common goals. Most importantly though, we have fun and love doing what we do. “

Anna Downing, Head of Product Marketing

Working at SEGA has allowed me to learn new skills and develop within the industry. It’s a pioneering company that stays ahead of the game which brings about numerous opportunities. In my years here I’ve worked with some incredible brands and IPs from the world of entertainment resulting in some experiences that couldn’t have been repeated elsewhere. But ultimately, it’s not all about the characters in the video games we represent, it’s the real people that make SEGA what it is.”