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Game Designer

Vancouver, BC
Vancouver, BC, Canada

<h3>Do you have what it takes to define the future of the RTS genre?</h3>
<h3>Can you help forge the path of strategy gaming and how people play?</h3>
<h3>Come join us, and we’ll do it together.</h3>
<p>At Relic, our designers use their creativity &amp; talent to build awesome player experiences. They’re not constrained by technologies or intimidated by change. Relicans are solution minded, nimble, and some of the most talented folks in the industry. Pretty exciting, right? Well, wait till you see some of the stuff we’re up to and how we’re growing. We want to be THE destination strategy gaming studio.</p>
<p><strong>Currently, we have immediate openings for experienced designers in the following disciplines:</strong></p>
<li>Mission </li>
<li>Technical </li>
<p><strong>As our Designer, here’s what you’ll be doing:</strong></p>
<li>Serving the emperor by contributing to <a href=";;app... Of War III</a> or <a href="">battling in the forces</a> with our cross-functional teams supporting these &amp; other exciting unannounced titles</li>
<li>Helping us thrive in the future by creating player experiences that our community can count on for a thrilling game</li>
<li>Taking our design to the next level. We want your help to build exceptional content and concepts for our games  </li>
<li>Collaborating with other disciplines to see your ideas come to life in all aspects of game development</li>
<li>Adjusting and changing design directions when necessary. The industry is always evolving and we need you to be open to feedback, suggestions, and trends</li>
<li>Contributing to the creative vision of our games by adding input and content that supports it</li>
<p><strong>There’s a few things we're looking for:</strong></p>
<li>Experience: You've successfully been able to show your talent through 3+ years of experience in a professional designer capacity (preferably at a AAA studio)</li>
<li>A love for games: You’re a gamer with a passion for creating the best games for our players</li>
<li>Down to earth attitude: You strive to be the best in your field and you welcome feedback, change, and real talk!</li>
<li>Passion to evolve and grow: You want to hone your craft to create a legacy while contributing to Relic’s roadmap to the future</li>
<p><strong>What’s in it for you? </strong></p>
<p>You will become part of the <a href="">SEGA</a> family which means you’ll have an opportunity to work on AAA games and learn a ton. If that wasn’t enough, we also offer top-notch benefits and perks, including an extensive extended health benefits plan, retirement savings plan, and support for any required relocation or immigration efforts. On top of that, we realize it takes world-class people to make world-class games so we offer competitive total compensation packages.</p>
<p><strong>Interested and wondering what next steps are? </strong></p>
<p>Please apply through this portal - you'll see the link below! We receive a ton of applications so we’re going to need a little patience from you while we review every application. We will get in touch with the applicants that standout so be sure to highlight why YOU are awesome!</p>
<p><strong>Please Note:</strong> We are currently only able to accept applications from individuals who are legally qualified to work in Canada. </p>
<h4><strong>Have you heard? We’re making Dawn of War 3!</strong></h4>
<p>Check out the trailer <a href="">here</a> and follow along on social: <a href=""><strong><em>Facebook</em></strong></a>... | </em><a href=""><strong><em>Twitter</em></strong></a><em> | </em><a href=""><strong><em>Instagram</em></str... </em></p>